“We craft, build and deliver software solutions for you and with you, growing with you and your devs”

We help you in giving a shape to your ideas, making for you and with you the product you have in mind, gathering continuous feedback along all the road, from ideas to production software. We release working software from the beginning, incrementally, to give and receive feedback, adapting continuosly to the new emerging informations.

How we work

We make innovative digital products, with an iterative and incremental approach, starting to deliver in a continuous way a usable product that progressively becomes more complete. We also take care of production deployment and monitoring, using modern automation and DevOps techniques.


We're passionate and professional people, who believes in continuos improvment, in agile methodologies and which loves to use technology to solve our customer's problems.


We live with the values and principles of agile methodologies in our daily work: Feedback, Communication, Simplicity, Focus, Courage, Openness, Commitment, Respect.


Change doesn't scare us, it's instead an opportunity that we use to give a competitive advantage to our clients. We prefer to embrace and follow the change instead of stick to a plan, to adapt to market and users feedback.

We use short feedback cycles, in each moment of a project's life: 

  • in discovery, inspired by the lean startup principles
  • in iterative and incremental development, guided by agile processes like Scrum and XP
  • in continuous releases, since the beginning of development, following the DevOps principles


We believe that one of the best way to help our clients to adopt agile methods is to "do it together". For this reason our preferred teaching way is the creation of mixed teams with our customer's people. We don't limit ourselves to produce software, we pass down to clients our processes and practices.

We try to continuously improve, and pass down this spirit of continuous improvement also to our clients.


We have more a “partner” then a  “seller” approach, the relationship is based on transparency and trust before all. We help our client to reduce the waste. 

Agile methods put customer collaboration in the center, instead of a rigid approach based on document exchange.

Read the case study in which we explain how we realized a payment system for one of the italian e-payment industries leaders.