We go along organizations and teams in the Agile mindset adoption and we help them to begin a change path to implement agile methods. We use a feedback-based approach.

How we work

To guide the change we use a feedback-based approach; instead of create a predefined plan we prefer to do ipothesis, generate assumptions and validate them on the field. In this way we try, in partnership with our customer, to bring out the best method or the best process. Continuous improvement is part of our way to work and operate.


A change project starts from the assessment phase; one of our coaches will come to your company to understand your working environment and context. Toghether we'll understand the goals that push you to the change. The assessment result is a report summary containing the first intervention proposal, which is realized through: interviews, canvases, option list and change hypotesis,  MVC list (minimum value changes). In this phase you'll understand how we work.




A team does not live in isolation but inside an ecosystem who needs to be brought closer to the agile mindset. For this reason we use Lean thinking and Lean Change techniques inside the organization, to accompany the management to agile thinking. 

Change and DevOps

Also DevOps implies an organizational change, therefore for adopting  DevOps practices and values, we use the same change techniques we use for Agile.

Agile Coaching

In our empiric approach to the change, we use different modes to let the team reach continuous improvement. Trainer (I explain you), mentor (I advise you), coach(I help you), facilitator(I drive you).

We have experience with agile methodologies such as: Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Kanban and Lean.




We perform on-site training, tailoring courses around you, which emerges according to our customer needs, but also public courses. Past courses in this area involves: Agile base, Agile business, Scrum Mastership, Product Ownership, user stories, TDD, eXtreme Programming. Discover our courses.